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The Great War Project: Our Next Steps

We want our current and potential backers to know that we are hard at work on making the Great War Project a reality.  This website is the first element. We will add original material on a regular basis, so please bookmark it and return frequently.

We also are working on our radio pieces and documentaries for 2014.

First up will be a piece to air in late June at the 100th anniversary of the event that triggered World War I: the assassination in Sarajevo of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.  This piece will explain how one murder in an obscure corner of Europe led to a war that quickly engulfed much of the world.

Our second radio production will be an hour-long documentary to air around the centenary of the outbreak of World War I.  This documentary will take listeners to the front lines in Europe, where the expectations (on both sides) of a rapid victory met the grim reality of a prolonged war.

We are planning other pieces for public radio news programs. And if we get enough funding from our supporters, we will produce additional documentaries later in the year.

The Great War Project is an independent production by experienced, award-winning public radio journalists.  We hope you will be willing to support our work to bring you great journalism.  Click on the “donate now” button on this page for more information