To My Peoples

Screenshot of virtual exhibition, To My Peoples: The First World War 1914-1918

The Europeana museum, the Austrian National Library, and Google collaborated on the online presentation, “To My Peoples!” The First World War 1914 – 1918, a collection of “untold stories & official histories of WW1.”

We created a new virtual exhibition to commemorate the First World War. The exhibition guides you through the Emperor Franz Joseph’s manifestos, from announcements for mobilisation, to administering shortages, to dealing with prisoners of war and refugees. The big influence of the First World War on children is presented in remarkable drawings and letters by students in the chapter “My dear Pupils”. The exhibitions ends with a selection of photographs from the front, the hinterland and life in the field.

Visit the Google Cultural Institute to explore an abundance of arts and letters in the exhibition, such as:

Bombardment of Belgrade, picture sheet by printers Robrahn and Co

In the 19th century, picture sheets were a very popular medium, and were used as a means of propaganda in the First World War. The Magdeburg printers Robrahn and Co founded in 1823 specialised in such single page prints and also produced motifs for the Austrian ally such as the “Bombardment of Belgrade” at the start of the war, which presented only victories. –Europeana